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March 07, 2022

How To Reset Your Security System In Philadelphia

An important advantage of getting your security system installed by professionals is that you rarely have to make major adjustments to it. With that being said, there will likely be a couple situations when you have to reset your alarms in Philadelphia. If you use a smart command panel, your system reset typically takes one or two taps of the touchscreen when you’ve experienced occurrences like battery changes, power outages, and false alarms.

Check Your Instruction Manual Before Trying to Reset Your Alarm Panel

Here’s a simple yet valuable tip before you try to reset your Philadelphia home security system, consult your instruction manual ahead of time. You wouldn’t want to compromise your system because you hit the wrong button. Also, your system could change if you moved from a numbered keypad to a fully digital system. Keep in mind that if you’re unable to figure out how to reset your system, don't hesitate to contact the experts.

Resetting Your Philadelphia Security System Due To A False Alarm

Generally, a false alarm happens as a result of the accidental tripping of a sensor. You are able to use the central hub or bring up your ADT smartphone app and hit the shield icon and type in your unique passcode to switch off the alarms for these instances. You might be contacted by your 24-hour monitoring specialists, but simply inform them that you experienced a false alarm.

How To Reset Your Alarm After A Power Outage In Philadelphia

If the power goes out from high winds or other factors, you may start hearing a beeping sound from your alarm’s central interface. That indicates that your security is running off the secondary power source. To reset the alarm and stop the steady beeps, you should take steps to disarm and rearm your security.

Keep in mind, if power is out for prolonged time frame, you may need a total reset of your home’s security. Follow the directions in your user’s handbook -- typically by putting in your code and tapping the off button twice -- and you should be running fine. You may still hear the auxiliary power beeping, as it might not cease until your battery reaches a full charge. Contact your security technician if you are still having issues with your ADT controls 20 hours after power is restored.

How To Reset Your Home Security System After Replacing A Battery

On occasion you must change a battery in one of your security devices. When this needs to be done, you should switch your home’s defense to test mode so you avoid triggering an alarm by accident. After the new battery is put in place, change the alarm out of Test Mode and revert back to your usual settings. If the command center doesn't notice the piece of equipment or the battery light is still on, you may require a whole system reset.

Resetting Your Philadelphia Security System After Adding Or Deleting A Code

The addition and deletion of users can be completed on the ADT Command panel and the ADT Control mobile app. You won’t need a resetting of your system after adding or removing users. However, if you find yourself moving to a new home that already has an ADT security system, you should reach out to your residential security experts at (215) 798-2927 to establish a new contract. The technician will go on site to switch out components, place additional devices (if necessary), and do a factory reset.

An Easy-To-Use Security System Can Be Yours Today

Resetting a home security system in Philadelphia will likely be difficult if it fails to include clear devices and controls. If the time has come to acquire your intuitive home security system, contact (215) 798-2927 or send in the form below. We’ll be ready to design the right security system for your residence.